Review: “Family Man” by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton

TITLE: Family Man
AUTHOR: Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 206 Pages
RELEASE DATE: September 11, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 –paperback


Sometimes family chooses you.

At forty, Vincent “Vinnie” Fierro is still afraid to admit he might be gay—even to himself. It’ll be a problem for his big, fat Italian family. Still, after three failed marriages, it’s getting harder to ignore what he really wants.

Vinnie attempts some self-exploration in Chicago’s Boystown bars, far from anyone who knows him. Naturally, he runs smack into someone from the neighborhood.

Between working two jobs, going to school, taking care of his grandmother, and dealing with his mother’s ongoing substance abuse, Trey Giles has little time for fun, let alone dating someone who swears he’s straight. Yet after one night of dancing cheek-to-cheek, Trey agrees to let Vinnie court him and see if he truly belongs on this side of the fence—though Trey intends to keep his virginity intact.

It seems like a solid plan, but nothing is simple when family is involved. When Vinnie’s family finds out about their relationship, the situation is sticky enough, but when Trey’s mother goes critical, Vinnie and Trey must decide whose happiness is most important—their families’ or their own.

Second Edition.

First Edition published by Samhain, 2013.

This book is the book in 2017 that made me cry. Really cried with big fat tears like a baby.
Vincent Ferrio is a hot, 38 year old Italian man who decided after his third divorce to explore a side of him that he’d shut down a long time ago. Vincent is ready to admit that he might be gay.
Trey Giles is 25 years old, but he could have been 40. He struggles between his 2 jobs, college, and his family. He has to take care of his grandma and his addict mother. He’s gay, out and proud, but he refuses to be a piece meat, he wants to meet the one, wants to be loved. The last thing Trey expected was to meet Vincent, and thinks that he could be the one.
This book is about, love, acceptance, family but not only.

This book is about how to find not only the other one who can make us whole but also how to find who we truly are, the other part of our soul.
I love this book, it gave me a lot of feelings, I cried like I never cried since a long time ago. How I felt reading Vincent and Trey’s journey is beyond words.
How Vincent struggles with his feelings, how, all his life he wasn’t him, how he tried to be what his family wanted, it’s something hard to read, his insecurity, his shyness. Not hard to read because it was dark. No, because I can’t imagine how it would be to not be who we want to be (I’m soo me even when people hate it). It was beautiful to read how he came to terms with himself, with what he wants, not for Trey, but for himself first.

Trey is the one who broke me. What he lives with his mother broke my heart in million pieces. He is so strong, but at the same time so fragile. He needs Vincent more than he thought. But most of all, he needs to accept things, things he refuses to see all his life until Vincent comes to him and shows him the truth. (I was a mess at this part).
This book talks about love, family, acceptance. How the big Italian Catholic family of Vincent will accept him being gay? Do they reject him? Does his family still love him?
It was also about what family is. Is it about blood or more? Vincent and Trey became a family before they really think about it. Yet, Trey and his friends are a family in their own way.
But before all above, this book is what happens when you find the right person. How your life can turn out beautifully when you have the right person with you to give you the love and the strength you need.

And That’s what matters really. It can be a lover or a friend, when you’re with the right person, you can move mountains without knowing it.
And I want to dedicate this review to my amazing not-blood related family who were there for me when I told them I was fine when I wasn’t, who came to me when I told them I want to be alone, who sat silently with me while I cried because I needed it, who never let me push them away or ask them for help because they were here for me before I realized it.

If I had to read one book this year, it would definitely be this one.

It’s 5 OptimuMM’s for Vincent and Trey and their families.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


2 thoughts on “Review: “Family Man” by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton

  1. Moondrawn September 14, 2017 / 6:12 am

    I already have this, so I am wondering how different this edition is from the first. I already liked it.


  2. moondrawn September 14, 2017 / 6:14 am

    I already have this so I am wondering how different this edition is from the first one. I liked it.


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