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Dear authors, editors, publishers, PA’s.

Even though this blog is dedicated to the indie authors and self publishers we will always consider the requests of the publisher houses.
If you want your book to be reviewed by us, please message me or send an email to: e-mail address. We assure you that all messages will be answered.

ARC formats.
You can send your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) both in epub or mobi format. But before sending your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) be sure you read  OptimuMM‘s Privacy and Terms.

You must send.
When you are sending your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s), please fill out this following form and include in your email:

GENRE: (MM Romance not enough, please add subgenres*)
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Subgenres :
You can choose from our Categories, or you can add your own.
Examples of subgenre:
-Come To Age; Contemporary Romance; Dystopian; Erotica; MMM; Mystery/Suspense;  New Adult; No Sexual Content; Paranormal;  Sci-fi; BDSM; etc.

Rating System.
The reviews published by OptimuMM will be rated between 1 and 5 OptimuMMs (equivalent to stars), with possibility of 0.5 ratings.

A 5 OptimuMM review will look like this :

While a 3.5 OptimuMM review will look like this :

Privacy and Terms.

  • By sending your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s)  to OptimuMM, you agree that a part of your book could be reproduced in our reviews (ex.: character names, places, quotes etc.)
  • By sending your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) to OptimuMM, you agree to accept the review as an honest opinion of the reviewer.
  • By sending your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) to OptimuMM, you agree that your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) could be read by any member of OptimuMM reviewer team for rating purposes only.
  • Special review dates must be requested prior, at least 1 month* before the requested date. The ARC (advanced reader copy) must be sent 1 month* prior to the requested date.
  • By agreeing to review your book(s) OptimuMM assures you to not share your ARC (advanced reader copy) or book(s) on any pirate site or public library.
  • By agreeing to review your book(s) OptimuMM assures to share the review on OptimuMM‘s official: Facebook Page, Twitter page, Pinterest page and also on Goodreads as on Amazon** as well .
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  • OptimuMM reserve the rights to refuse your request.

* The prior request is necessary since our schedules. Anyway please feel free to contact us with your request.
** Doe to Amazon’s terms modification not all the reviews can be published.