Laura McNellis – Editor

15731528_352602795111585_529931782_nHello, my name is Laura McNellis, official editor of OptimuMM‘s reviews.

I grew up all over the US. After being a Navy wife and moving coast to coast. I married someone from Scotland and moved there with him and my 3 kids. I’m now back in the States, but because of my living experiences, I’ve learn different styles of speech.

Besides editing OptimuMM‘s reviews, I’m a line editor also. I work for a major publishing house, but also editing for self publish authors.

My mission is to help authors create a manuscript that readers will love and follow those authors through their career. Although I specialize in LGBT and Alternative I will accept any genre’s. 
I am an experienced editor that has worked for a smaller publishing house over the last few years and have realized the need for self-publishers to use my skills.

After doing research, I realized that many of the private editing firms refuse LGBT and Alternative genre’s. When they do edit them, the costs were just too high for beginning authors. I saw the need, and I am here to fill it for you.


You can find me as well on