Review: “Liberty” by Seth King

TITLE: Liberty
AUTHOR: Seth King
GENRE: Drama
LENGTH: 272 pages
RELEASE DATE: Oct 31, 2017
PRICE: $4.92 –e-book / $14.99 -paperback


At 2:01 AM, the first gunshots ring out inside Liberty gay dance club in Jacksonville, Florida. At 2:03 AM, the exits are barricaded.
The next several hours find August Brees and Corey Ross, both eighteen and coming off the most transformative and romantic summer of their lives, fighting a minute-by-minute battle to escape an unfolding massacre and forge something everlasting out of two ephemeral lives.
During a time when the crime of living your truest life can get you shamed, condemned, or banished from public life altogether, Liberty is about the struggle to love and survive in a world that may not always love you back.
Graphic content – reader discretion advised (less)

I don’t know how to start my review. This book is more than a book; this book is a testiment. The testiment of our youth. The testiment of our failure.

June 2017, August is at the “therapy conversion” group listening to Jack, a self-hating guy, who explains to him and the kids in the group how bad and wrong they are for being gay.
It’s in this room, in this “therapy conversion” that he meets Corey.
Corey and August will spend their summer together, loving each other, until Liberty. Until this fateful night where 2 young souls in love decided to go dancing at the club and the worst night of their life happened.
Telling you that I love the book is obvious. Telling you that this book is a must-read, is also obvious.
Corey and August are beautifully heart-breaking.
August is shy, a bookworm, and he’s terrified. Terrified of his dad, a pure homophobic, racist man. Terrified to be him, terrified to love Corey, to be loved by him. All his life, August had to hide who he truly is. Until Corey.

Corey is a beautiful mix-race young boy. All his life he has to face the racism, the judgment, the assumptions, but he fights back. He’s gay, he’s proud and wants to live his life, no matter what his parents want or say. Corey will live his life and August will be by his side.
Like I said, this book is the testiment of what happens right now in our world. The testiment of our failure.
Seth King writes a heart-breaking story, his writing is beautiful, fluid, he didn’t write words, he wrote feelings. He wrote love, fear, pain, joy. He wrote what we can’t fully feel, only understand.

The book is from August’s POV. the entire book, we’re with him, in his heart, his soul. We fall in love with them, we’re terrified with him, and we suffer and cry with him. We are August.

This book needs to be shared, needs to be offered. YOU need it as parents, uncles/aunts, teachers, godfathers/mothers, you need to share Corey and August’s story, you need to read it to fully understand what our youth around the world live with. You need to see our responsibility in this disaster.

I’m the single mother of mix raced son (he’s black, and I’m white). I raised him with love and tolerance, but I also raised him to be ready for the racism, it’s sad but true. But I didn’t stop there, I also tried to educate people around me. I can’t be okay with someone in my entourage saying something homophobic or racist, and not intervene. Why do I tell you that? Because that’s what the book is about too. It’s about how people turn their heads and refuse to acknowledge that something is wrong. It’s about how people who aren’t part of a minority (I hate this world) turn their heads when thing start to be ugly or weird. And No, it’s not because you didn’t think the same, it’s that you’re complicit letting this happen.

Here, Seth King writes it, and show us, how we all failed. And this book is the testiment of all the Augusts and Coreys in the world, all the Maritza, Alonzo, Anne, Blaines in the world. How strong they are, How they resist every day and fight for their future, to be free, to be who they want to be.

This book is one of the best emotional reads I ever had in the last 2 years, and even if it’s hard, even if it’s broken your heart, you need to read this amazing, beautiful love story.

Hats Off Mister King. I’m humbled and amazed in front of your talented.

5 breathtaking OptimuMMs starts. I will let them know your names

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***