Review: “The Night Sky Festival” by S.A Stovall

TITLE: The Night Sky Festival
AUTHOR: S.A Stovall
SERIES: Warmest Wishes Anthologies
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: Anthology; Holiday
LENGTH: 24 pages
RELEASE DATE: Dec 1, 2018
PRICE: $1.99 e-book


Photographer Zach is happy to pack up his gear and head to the Mojave Desert over the holidays. Ever since his ex-husband filed for divorce a day before Christmas, it’s safe to say this isn’t Zach’s favorite time of year.
Fortunately, he stumbles upon a town where the residents seem to agree. The good people of Baker would much rather celebrate the possibility of extraterrestrials as they dance under the stars in their unique “Night Sky Festival.” The locals are interesting, to say the least, and they want Zach to join them.
But is Zach ready to let go of his holiday bitterness? And if so, whose invitation should he accept: the cute cashier, the burly single dad, or the sexy fun-loving cop

Zach is a photographer sent to Baker a few days before Christmas to take pictures for a magazine.
He meets Ethan, a sexy cashier, Broden a hot single dad and Kross a super mega sexy cop. All of them seem to have interest in Zach, but only one of them will end their Christmas night with him.

The Night Sky Festival by S.A Stovall is a very short adorable story.

Zach is the Grinch; he doesn’t celebrate Christmas after his ex-husband asked for a divorce on Christmas Eve two years before. He doesn’t like the heat while he’s in the Mojave Desert, and mostly he doesn’t like people. Of course, it was without counting the 3 hot gay men.
It was a sweet story that I enjoyed as much as a piece of chocolate. You read it, find it tasty, good and want more. That’s what this sweet story did to me.

Go read your piece of chocolate before Christmas; it’s less caloric but just as enjoyable!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis