Review of: King’s Eyes by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory (audiobook)

TITLE: King’s Eyes (audiobook)
AUTHOR: Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory
SERIES: The Kings of Men MC, book 2
PUBLISHER: Kiyle S. Brosius
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense
RELEASE DATE: Dec 20 2019


A Second Chance Becomes Trouble
After leaving his cheating ex and New York City behind, Mackenzie Byrnes wants to celebrate his new life and new teaching position in New Gothenburg. Only he ends up at a club in need of rescuing from a jerk who won’t take no for an answer. After that embarrassing mess, Mackenzie swears he’s on a man ban. His resolve lasts until he runs into the handsome bouncer who saved him, and then he hands over his phone number, hoping for a date.
A Stalker Who Can’t Look Away
Travis “Eyes” Hughes has two jobs—spy for the president of the Kings of Men MC, and nightclub security. When Travis saves a sexy blond from getting groped against his will, he gets the urge to follow him home to make sure he arrives there safely. One night of watching turns into a habit Travis can’t shake, and an impulse he won’t deny.
Lies Exposed
The closer Travis gets to Mackenzie, the sloppier he becomes. When his half-truths begin to catch up with him, all hell breaks loose with the Kings of Men MC, and Mackenzie finds out Travis isn’t who he said he was. With Travis’s lies exposed, a cop hot on his trail, and his brother in jail—he’s sure he’ll lose Mackenzie as well—but he might be surprised by the strength a certain kindergarten teacher possesses.

Narration: Let me say that the lack of stars is for narration here. Kaeomakana Tiwanak has a cute, young, twink-sounding voice, and if he’d read just the parts for Mackenzie (maybe slowed down the cadence a little) and there had been another narrator with a deep voice working as a team for this reading Travis’ parts, I would have given the narration 5 stars (hopefully). But unfortunately, it didn’t, so it was distracting at best. It actually caused me to miss parts that were important. Like a description of the characters. I’m going back to the ebook and reading the series. But I’ll be poking my head in to see when the next comes out to see if the writers sort this.

Story: I started with this book and that seemed to be okay. It is a series and should probably be read as such, so I’ll be reading it in order sometime next month. I even picked up book 1.5, King’s Rogue, to read as well. I think any fan of Sons of Anarchy should probably read this. It’s like an MM version! I loved the duel POVs idea. Its always a plus in my book, but like I said before, I would have really loved a proper voice for Travis.

I liked both main characters, Mackenzie and Travis. Whoever thought a stalker could be endearing?! LOL Travis is a stalker, there’s no other way to say it. But lol it works with the story, and I actually liked him a lot. His motivations are clear and written well. But he’s a bit distracted and it costs his brother instead of himself.

Mackenzie had some twists to his character that I also really liked. Yeah, he had a cheating ex in New York, but he also has family history with an MC back in California. That brings Travis to lie, and trouble ensues from there. We meet a few of the characters from the MC and I’d like to get to know them a bit.

Let me just say, these are NOT the cuddly non-criminal bikers! Well, they maybe cuddly, but they aren’t law abiding. It seems like a great story line with great characters…so I’ll be pushing the series in my to-be-read list!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of listening this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Rainbows in Sea Glass by Kim Katil

TITLE: Rainbows in Sea Glass
AUTHOR: Kim Katil
SERIES: 2019 Advent Calendar: Homemade for the Holidays
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: Dec 1, 2019


A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2019 Advent Calendar collection Homemade for the Holidays.
Kyle has loved James, his best friend’s older brother, for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately James is a player, and Kyle has no desire to be his latest conquest. When James suddenly turns the full weight of his charm on him, Kyle flees to Cape May Point to collect sea glass and Cape May diamonds to make a St. Nicholas Day present for his aunt.
James has always taken Kyle’s presence for granted and he’s shocked to find how integral Kyle is to his life and future happiness. Braving his family’s well-meaning attempts to help and a sudden winter storm, James heads to the shore to convince Kyle that the most precious thing they’ll find on the beach is each other

I wanted to like this short story by Kim Katil, but unfortunately, it was only okay.

From the blurb, I was hoping for a story full of longing and angst, and instead, Kyle runs away when James, the guy he’s been in love with since forever, finally starts to show that he’s interested in him as a man and not as his younger sister’s best friend. Sure, his excuse is that he doesn’t want to be another notch on James’ bedpost, so he’s been hiding from all of his friends since James danced with him at the club six months prior. And so he runs away to Cape May Point to the rental house that James is having remodeled. It gives him a chance to get his head back on his shoulders and find some sea glass and Cap May diamonds to make a present for his aunt. He doesn’t expect James to follow him there.

I didn’t like Kyle’s best friend, Maria, or Kyle’s mother. His best friend came off as not caring about his problems in the beginning, just that he hasn’t been around to make her look better when they go clubbing. Maria does grow on you as the story progresses, and she helps her brother, James, get Kyle.

His mother is very self-centered and unlikeable. I did like Aunt Ollie. She was very likable, and I could see why Kyle would want to make something pretty for her room since she was like a second mother to him.

I did like the scenes with Stan, where he’s showing Kyle and James some of his art projects to get an idea of what he should make his aunt. I also liked getting to see inside James’ head and how he felt about Kyle. I liked him better than Kyle, although I thought the dialog between James and his sister was a little forced at times.

Although not a bad story, I think it would have done better as a novel instead of a short story where the author could have started the story maybe six months earlier, and we could have seen the night of the dance at the club between Kyle and James and then what happened after they had been together for a while.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: The Fate of the Fallen Omnibus 1-4 by R. Phoenix (audiobook)

TITLE: The Fate of the Fallen Omnibus 1-4 (audio)
AUTHOR: R. Phoenix
SERIES: Fate of the Fallen
GENRE: Paranormal; BDSM


When he agreed to take the fall for his pack leader’s failed attempts to help the Rebellion, Jace knew he wouldn’t live long enough to regret it. However, instead of the noble end he envisioned for himself, the werewolf finds himself at the mercy of a witch and his depraved games. Though he clings to his conviction that he can withstand anything his new master can dish out, it isn’t long before he realizes pride has no place in his life as the pet of the controlling Elias Ivers.
Now that supernatural beings have seized control of the world, life has become a struggle for the humans who once held power. Witches, vampires, and werewolves determine the fate of every single human, but their moral compasses have long since been shattered. Rebels, free humans, and slaves all share dreams of hope, mercy, love, and more. But with their fate so uncertain, survival isn’t enough… and they may have to sacrifice what is nearest and dearest to them if they want to change their lives.
Bought, Ravel, and Recoil feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in Owned and Temper.

Narration: The story was told by Jack Noble as narrator. I liked his voice and his accent. However, the quality was pretty bad and would drag me out of the story. There is echoing and static in parts.

Story: I really wanted to like this series. I actually had it marked as DNF in my written book list from years ago, but I’d forgotten about it.

I thought I’d give it a try and I did make it much further in the books than I did when reading it. I think, for me, it was the switching POVs and feeling like things were just abruptly stopped at the ends. I know it all ties in together, which was the reason I kept listening, but it still seemed…I don’t know…unfinished or cut-off before it should have been to continue later.

This contains book 1 – Bought, book 2 – Ravel, book 3 Recoil, and book 4 Owned. I don’t plan to finish the series. I think it may have been just out of my normal reading though since other reviews and ratings are high for this series, so you might want to give it a try anyway!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of listening this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: The Rake’s Regress by Lolli Plantagenet

TITLE: The Rake’s Regress
AUTHOR: Lolli Plantagenet
SERIES: To The Manor Reborn, book 1
GENRE: Historical
RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2019


North Yorkshire, 1905
Impoverished aristocrat Archie Blankley is saved from rack and ruin when he marries the formidable American heiress Alexandria Applebaum. But when she disappears the day after their wedding, he quickly realizes that something is amiss at Denton Manor…namely the new valet his wife hired, who can’t keep his hands off of him.
Boer War veteran and former asylum attendant Hans Pierce has always wanted a young man of his own to force into regression and bend to his will. When the opportunity presents itself, he seizes it. But he knows that the young lord in his care is more than just a brattish, pretty creature—they are bound together by a tragedy that brings out the worst in both of them.
As though being held captive in an oversized nursery isn’t enough, Archie must contend with the web of secrets, schemes, and scandals that enshrouds his new life—and his unwilling place within it.
At last, ageplay erotica meets literary historical fiction in Lollie Plantagenet’s riveting debut series set in Edwardian England.
A must-read for kinky fans of Downton Abbey!
~32k words
Contains ABDL, ageplay, humiliation, spanking, and non-con

When I was given the opportunity to review this book, I was a little bit hesitant. I read the blurb, and it seemed interesting and something that I would like to read. I do like to read historical books and ABDL and age play, and I usually don’t have a problem with them being more on the dark side with some non-con. I even like humiliation and spankings, so I should have liked this book. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

The Rake’s Regress is the debut book for Lolli Plantagenet and the first book in the To The Manor Reborn series, so it has a lot of pressure on it to be great. It had potential, but for me, the blurb was better than the book. The writing was stilted, which I expected since it’s a historical, and I think the author was trying to be mysterious and suspenseful as she was slowly revealing each person’s motivations through the book. It didn’t work for me. For me, the story seemed to jump around, and it was vague as to what was going on and why and how the events were connected. I’m figuring that a lot more of each person’s motivation and secrets will be revealed in the upcoming books, but this book didn’t make me want to continue reading the series to find out.

I didn’t feel any emotional connection to any of the characters. I didn’t want to know or care why Archie’s new wife, Alexandria, who happens to be a wealthy American heiress and a Jew—not sure why that was a big deal but whatever—did what she did.

I could understand a little more about Hans Pierce’s motivations. He’s gay, he wants to regress a straight man into the role of a little, and he’s given the opportunity to do it on somebody that has wronged his sister in a way that has resulted in her death. He’s been an asylum attendant and has perfected his forced regression to being a little on the asylum inhabitants, but he wants somebody that’s only going to be his. He has another sister that’s still alive that will probably play a bigger role in the upcoming books but was only introduced in this book.

Archie, at twenty-two, has inherited the family title and the family estate. The family estate which is crumbling down around him and with no money to fix it, he needs to marry an heiress in a hurry and so he does. But then his wife disappears the day after they get married and he’s left in the hands of his caretaker, Hans Pierce or as he is called Pierce, and his world is turned upside down when he awakens after his wedding night in a huge crib and a room that has been made up as a nursery. Then the regression begins, and I did feel a little bit sorry for him, but I didn’t get a lot of background into how he lived before, so I didn’t have a lot of connection to him to really feel sorry for him. He had tried to do right by the sex worker, Olympia, who had claimed that he had gotten her pregnant. But when he’d gone back to where she was staying, the Madame said that it was already too late and that she was gone. I, like Archie, took that to mean that she had gone away to have the baby and didn’t want to be found. Unfortunately, we later find out that wasn’t the case, although it wasn’t said in as many words it was, like everything else in the book, vague and alluding to the fact that she had died by his caretaker who was her brother.

By the end of the book, the wife is back, Archie is still being regressed against his will and trying to find a way to escape his nursery prison, and Pierce is still waiting to take his regression to the next step before having sex with his little. And the book ends in a cliffhanger.

I did like how the book is told using dual points of view by Archie and Pierce, although I would have loved to see inside of Alexandria’s mind to see her motivations. Maybe we will get her point of view in the next book.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Kaidyn’s Courage by Diana Waters

TITLE: Kaidyn’s Courage
AUTHOR: Diana Waters
SERIES: Wild Magics
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
GENRE: Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: March 15,2019


Kaidyn is the son of the queen and a trainee officer in the kingdom of Sareen. He is also a Half-Blood—his father is from Iskandir, a neighboring kingdom which has been at war with Sareen for many years. Bitter and angry at the prejudice he faces, Kaidyn meets Sorin, a healer from one of Sareen’s most prominent noble families. As their relationship deepens, the war between Sareen and Iskandir grows worse. Not only will the pair inevitably become involved with the conflict one way or another, but Sorin is also hiding a secret, and time is running out for them both.

Kaidyn is the son of the queen of Soreen and a merchant from Iskandir, a rival kingdom. He’s a half-blood, so he’s disrespected by other nobles or pure Soreen bloods. He’s also a trainee officer for Soreen, preparing himself for a war against his father’s kingdom.

Sorin is a young healer at the academy who won Kaidyn’s heart, but the war is coming, and Sorin and Kaidyn’s aren’t sure about a future together. They would have to have faith in their love.
Kaidyn’s Courage by Diana Waters is book 2 in the Wild Magics series. It can be read as a standalone.

Kaidyn and Sorin are completely different from each other. Kaidyn has a fierce temper; he’s rough, rude, and impatient while Sorin is quiet, shy, and patient. He’s also brave, smart and insecure while Sorin is fierce, strong and kind. They’re also complementary, Sorin helps to ease Kaidyn temper, and Kaidyn supports Sorin in his mission. Their love brings out the best of each other.

The book is written from Kaidyn’s POV in the third person. The universe was well built, the background about Soreen and Iskandir interesting. However, the pacing of the book could have been faster, in my opinion. The main characters need to have more depth to them, and the reader needs to see and feel how they struggle to show personal growth. The author describes their struggles, but I didn’t feel it, I didn’t empathize with them. Otherwise, the plot was interesting and Kaidyn and Sorin loveable. I would have loved to see more about Luke and more about the Kingdom of Soreen and Iskandir at the end of the war.

I will read the next book in the series, who knows maybe it will be about Luke.3 Stars for them.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis