Review: “Ben’s Rainbow” by Victoria Sue

TITLE: Ben’s Rainbow
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
SERIES: Rainbow key
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Disability
LENGTH: 218 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2018
PRICE: $3.99 e-book


Benedict Keeler was one of America’s most popular models. Hot body, hot career, and super-hot boyfriend, until a devastating house fire destroyed his face and his dreams. After being told all his life that a pretty face is the measure of his worth, he can’t face another rejection and runs from his lover, eventually hiding out on Rainbow Key.
Zachary Jones, a highly sought after photographer—even if he would rather shoot the homeless in Manhattan than a fashion spread—is now facing the real possibility that a genetic disease will render him blind and his days behind a camera may be over.
Two devastated men, one haunted by his past and one convinced he has no future. Will they both hide from the world, or will they give love, and each other, a second chance?

Benedict Keller was one of the most popular models of his generation. He had everything, money, celebrity and a hot boyfriend who loved him more than anything. He had everything to be happy until a fire in a hotel room, and Ben had been burned, his face and body had been hurt and damaged…irrevocably. Ben disappeared off the face of the earth and took refuge in Rainbow Key.

Zachary Jones is a very talented photographer. He’s very engaged in the humanitarian cause and only takes model’s shoots for money and his beautiful boyfriend Ben. For 4 years, Zack throws himself into his work, forgetting himself since he lost his man. But when he loses his left eye because of a genetic disease and he’s risks losing his right eye, Zack is sent by his brother, to Rainbow Key hotel to recover.
Two broken men will have to face their past, their fear, and their regrets if they want to heal their two broken hearts.
Will a second chance be enough for their happy ending?

Ben’s Rainbow is book 3 of the Rainbow Key Series.
I loved this book, it’s, for now, my favorite of the series.
Ben always intrigued me, I wanted to know more about him, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Ben was a model, a successful model until a fire damaged his face and he ran away from everyone. He broke my heart but also pissed me off. At first, during my read, I was pissed at him because I didn’t understand why he ran away from Zack when he was hurt by the fire. But the more I read and the more Ben revealed himself, his past, his trauma and his fears, he broke my heart. Even when he acted stupidly (can’t tell you more) I was a little bit upset, but not pissed because in a way I understood him better.

Zack got my heart completely. He was so in love with Ben, so devoted to him, and he was devastated by his disappearance. He moved earth and sky to find him, turned over every rock in every city to find the love of his life, and when he gave up, he lost his eye and threatened to become completely blind if he didn’t treat the other. I was broken for him, devastated for him, and I was outraged for him. But when he had the chance to be happy again with Ben, he didn’t hold back, didn’t run, he just embraced this chance, completely and totally. This guy is fabulous, and he’s my new obsession (until the next book of the author… I know I’m so easy).

I adored this book, I loved how the author wrote it. At first, it was easy to make Ben the bad guy in his relationship with Zack. But the author manages to give us information about Ben’s past and why he acted like that. She did it bit by bit, like a striptease, the more we read, the more Ben and Zack reconnect, and the more Ben strips out his secrets in front of Zack and Us. I kind of re-fall in love with Ben at the same time Zack did. She makes the plot evolve with the characters and not the other way, and I loved it!

I also love the fact that the characters already know each other, already have a past, and a story. They have to reconnect to each other and to open their eyes (no pun intended) about their past and their mistakes. Zack is threatened of becoming completely blind but he’s never been as farseeing than now (pun totally intended here!).

The book can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend to read the entire series, each book is completely different from the previous, and it’s another good point to start it.

5 OptimuMMs… Because I’m so team Zack and Ben

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Charlie’s Rainbow” by Victoria Sue

TITLE: Charlie’s Rainbow
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
SERIES: Rainbow Key
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Disability
LENGTH: 220 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 10, 2018
PRICE: $3.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


Eventually being diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder as a child, difficult didn’t even begin to describe the nightmare of Charlie’s life. Escaping the drug-induced limbo he existed in and running from his alcoholic mother and despotic grandfather, he finally finds some peace and a home on Rainbow Key.
Noah is also running, even if he doesn’t realize it, and the guilt he feels over his brother’s suicide chases him no matter where he goes. When he meets and falls for Charlie, he finally thinks he might have the chance to make a home and a future with the adorable man, except he doesn’t realize that the secret that Charlie is hiding is the one thing that he fears the most.
And not even a chance of mending their future can heal the scars of Charlie’s past.

Charlie suffers from reactive attachment disorder. He can’t be touched without been physically hurt and can’t eat food all mix together. He is also an incredible artist at Rainbow Key, the hotel run by his friend Joshua.

Noah is lost when he came to Rainbow Key. He was supposed to be there for his honeymoon, when he was stood up at the altar by his fiancé. Hurt and angry, he tries to find out what to do next in his life. But instead he meets Charlie, a beautiful man with special needs.
They didn’t expect to be hit by this amazing chemistry between them, but with their traumatic past, and hidden pain, can they really have their HEA?

Charlie’s Rainbow is book two in the Rainbow Key series by Victoria Sue.
I was excited to read Charlie’s story. When I met him in Joshua’s Rainbow (book 1 of the series), I was intrigued by him. I wasn’t disappointed.

Charlie has a sensitivity disorder. Being touched, eating food all mixed up, hurts him, the water hurts him, he’s a prisoner in his own body. All his life, he was misjudged, misunderstood and seen as weak. But when he met Joshua and came to live at Sanibel, Charlie starts to take his life back. He has a lot of issues yes, but he’s not weak. He’s very strong despite his disorders and he’s not fragile, sensitive, yes, but fragile…? Not at all. I really like this duality in him, how people sees him, and how he really is. He’s perfectly lucid about his disorders, that doesn’t mean he can’t do what he wants. I love him a lot.

Noah is still mourning his brother’s death. He didn’t pass it, didn’t do his grief properly and he is hiding all his pain for years. When he meets Charlie, he couldn’t help to think about Jacob (his brother) and all the guilt and pain assaulted him right back. I like Noah, he was completely lost, more than Charlie in my opinion, but at the same time, he was very caring and intuitive with Charlie. He’s the one who really got him in a short time. They were perfect for each other, they were the balm to their pains.

This book is a little bit different of what we’re used to have with Victoria Sue. No hot steamy sex scenes , not this time, not with a character who can’t be touched, and you know what? I loved it. It was coherent with the plot and the characters, besides it wasn’t need in this book, the emotional connection and how step by step they get to know each other was perfect…. And their make out’s session super-hot.
But what I liked more in this book, was that it wasn’t Charlie who need help at the end. Charlie knows his issues and face them, the world judge him for that, but he knows. It worst to pretend to be “normal”, to not have any issues, and one-day collapse under it. Not Charlie here.

If you want to read a beautiful and sweet love story, I highly recommend this book.

It’s 4 beautiful OptimuMMs for Noah and Charlie.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Love Me Whole” by Nicky James

TITLE: Love Me Whole
AUTHOR: Nicky James
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Disability
LENGTH: 329 pages
RELEASE DATE: Jan 13, 2018
PRICE: $4.12 e-book / $12.99 -paperback


Twenty-eight-year-old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people. Being an extremely shy, social introvert is only part of the problem. Oryn has dissociative identity disorder. He may look like a normal man on the outside, but spend five minutes with him, and his daily struggles begin to show.
Oryn shares his life and headspace with five distinctively different alters. Reed, a protective, very straight jock. Cohen, a flamboyantly gay nineteen-year-old who is a social butterfly. Cove, a self-destructive terror, whose past haunts him. Theo, an asexual man of little emotion, whose focus is on maintaining order. And Rain, a five-year-old child whose only concern is Batman.
Vaughn Sinclair is stuck in a rut. When his job doesn’t offer the same thrill it once did, he decides it’s time to mix-up his stagnant, boring routine. Little does he know, the man he meets during an impromptu decision to return to college is anything but ordinary.
Vaughn’s heart defies logic, and he finds himself falling in love with this strange new man. But how can you love someone who isn’t always themself? It may not be easy, but Vaughn is determined to try.

Oryn is a 28 year-old young man who suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). He has 5 alters: Reed, a very straight, very protective, weightlifter man, Cohen a young 19 year-old flamboyant hyper social man, Theo, an asexual caretaker, Cove a young man tortured, suicidal and depressive and Rain, a 5 year-old child, fan of Batman and animals. Oryn tries to have a structured life between all the chaos.

Vaughn is a 35 year-old man. He’s an accountant who started to get bored with his life. He decides to take a few classes in Marketing, and that’s how he meets Oryn and his life changes for good.How can you get to know someone when you don’t know who you’re dating?

This book is awesome, beautiful and unique.

Oryn and Vaughn have a strong, emotional and beautiful journey together.I love them, and I ultimately fell for them…. All of them.

Vaughn is amazing, he really wants to get to know Oryn, and tries everything at first to understand what DID is. Then he tries to get to know each alter and to bond with them individually. It was absolutely beautiful and sometimes funny to see how one by one, Vaughn wins their heart. I wanted to comfort him when he was at a lose with Oryn’s condition, and I wanted to kiss him (and more) when he tried to help, understand and love an alter and Oryn.

Oryn is brave, strong, beautiful and tortured. He wants to be normal, he wants to have control in his life and not let his alters mess with him, and he wants to be able to love Vaughn completely. But because of the severe trauma he suffered in his childhood, he can’t. Not like us, so he has a system with his alters and he has to work with them all in order to be functional and in charge most of the time. I love Oryn, he broke my heart many times, he made me cry many times, and he never failed to put a smile on my lips. But not only Oryn, but also his alters, all of them, I completely melted for them.

This book is completely unique by the subject itself, then the plot and the numbers of main characters. Because, we don’t have 2 MCs, nope, we have 7 MCs, 7 unique entities, 7 unique characters, tempers, and issues. I fell in love 7 times for each of them, individually, but also as a whole.

It was my first book by Nicky James, I’ve never read her before, and I don’t know what took me so long to do that. I loved her writing, fluid, dynamic, and the descriptions were good—not too long or too short. I’m also impressed by the amount of research that she must have put into this book. Even if I’m not a psychiatrist, I can see that what she explains with Oryn’s condition isn’t just romanced, how a “system” needs to be created for people with DID or how the co-consciousness helps. It seems entirely true (I was curious after finishing the book) and I can only admire that not only the author choose a difficult subject, but she treats it with respect (and I respect her more for that). I can tell that this book entered my top-3-list 2018.

I highly recommend this beautiful, poetic and incredible love story. You will love every word, the feelings, and the emotion that it will give you.

It’s 5 Amazing OptimuMMs for me… because I love them whole.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis